Affordable Housing

Amoveo has been developing innovative modular buildings since 2004.

Amoveo has excelled at designing cost effective, quality product, all for an affordable price whilst ensuring :

*  We provide a competitive alternative to standard construction methods while bringing superior modular construction to the forefront.

*  The Amoveo modules are built to the highest standard, surpassing current building standards.

*  Amoveo modules meet and surpass current Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) requirements.

*  We will lower building costs and on site building times. Time means money.

*  Amoveo ensures we meet the highest standards in both quality and compliance

Amoveo warranties fully comply with all regulatory standards

At Amoveo we manage and supervise all stages of:

  • Design and specification specific to the region,
  • Documentation
  • Procurement and manufacture
  • Delivery and completion
  • Compliance

Amoveo can build One, Two, Three, Four + bedroom affordable homes.
Amoveo can build from one to multi-level homes / terraced homes and apartments.
Amoveo can quickly provide multiple homes to your site.

Our Technical Process Overview is as follows,

  • Architectural design development, concept evaluation
  • Engineering structural design and services co-ordination.
  • Code / Standards Assessment , specification, procurement of materials, interior/exterior design,
  • Design Submission and co-ordination of documentation, submission to the client,
  • Assessment and sign off,
  • Production, inspections and delivery logistics process.

Amoveo modular units will provide a wide range of unique products, leading the way in meeting both your current and future building demands


Our Clients

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