Funding Packages

Local and Central Government Funding

Amoveo exclusively offer to fund up to 100 % for all agreed projects to the Government and all local Councils on agreed contractual terms.

Amoveo also offer to work with Not for Profit organisations and to fund up to 100 % on agreed projects on agreed contractual terms.

All Amoveo modular projects will be fully compliant and will have warranties that cover all regulations.

Amoveo modular has been tested in Cyclonic conditions and our buildings offer superior earthquake, acoustic and fire ratings.

Our Quality management Systems conform to ISO 9001-2008 and is based on Five key elements of

  • Quality Assurance Procedures
  • Management Support Systems
  • Project Procedures Manuals
  • Amoveo Minimum Requirements
  • Project management Plans.

Amoveo has the expertise and the capacity to work with Government clients as well as the Local councils and various NGO,s

We confirm we have the International resources and the ability to deliver your project and we look forward to the opportunity to partner with you.

Download Funding Packages

Commercial Funding Package


Download Funding Packages

Commercial Funding Package

Our Clients

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